Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some cards....finally!

I finally had some time to make some cards. A month ago I went to Stamp Camp all organisedby the wonderful Marelle and I think I rediscovered card making. It was such a wonderful two nights away where all I had to do was cardmaking. There were plenty of really lovely shoebox swaps to do and the food was awesome. I have already started saving to go next year!

In the last 2 years cardmaking has felt like one more chore I had to do, but finally I am enjoying it again.

Anyway here are some cards I made whilst I was at camp...

I made this card today for my nephew who turns 3 tomorrow. It did not quite turn out as I wanted it to but all he will see is Littlefoot, Cera, Chomper and Pietre from the Land Before Time. He would sit and watch the Land Before Time movies one after the other if you let him.

Hope to do some more cards this weekend as I think I will have the house to myself for a day or two.